Volunteer Management

Social and Smart

Our story is – we talk to volunteer managers for large events, disasters and volunteer managers who fill daily needs 365 days a year.  We’ve asked – “what is your wish list” and then tailored our program to meet those specific needs while branding their volunteer portal with their brand.  We’ve also talked with volunteers and learned they are happiest when they can choose their own volunteer categories and socialize with other volunteers – telling their stories to people who understand and care.

Are you spending thousands of hours annually signing up volunteers?  Even if volunteers submit a form that is provided online, are you transferring their information to a spreadsheet?

Are volunteers calling you and asking to be moved to another assignment, asking to volunteer with their friend, asking where their assignment is located, asking when to arrive, asking a million questions?

Are YOUR volunteers frustrated because they can’t reach you or get a response?

VoMaSmart will give you back your life.

PLUS drive Volunteers to your events with social features – forum with fellow volunteers before event (volunteers love to meet other volunteers), share their volunteer committment with their social networks, take part in VolunteerBuz to win contest prizes and raffles.