Initiated by World Central Kitchen, a most inspiring volunteer organization, we admire them so much we want you to follow – here is an excerpt from their website:

“We know that a fresh meal is more than a plate of food — it’s a sign that someone cares and that there’s hope for the future. As people across the country get ready to make their voices heard, often facing great, nearly insurmountable challenges to do so, we can support and uplift them and show them how much they matter. We will use the power of food to make Election Day one of community and hope.

People often cast their vote before work, during their lunch break, or after work — all prime meal times. We also know that while long lines are an inconvenience for some, for many they can mean the difference between voting and not voting. For these reasons,World Central Kitchen and its partners are activating Chefs For The Polls to serve nourishing meals on early voting days and Election Day. We’ll be stationed by polling locations around the country, targeting those with historically long lines, predicted massive turnouts, or limited facilities, sharing meals with anyone – no questions asked. If we can help alleviate the challenges of Election Day, we will be there. “